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Laminar Air Flow Hood

About Laminar Air Flow Hoods

Laminar Air Flow Hoods serve to ensure contamination prevention for sensitive materials or devices (such as biological processes).

Laminar Air Flow occurs when the air current flows and generates an even level of velocity on parallel lines, thus assisting to transform lab cultures in a sterile environment. When fresh air flows in a laminar way, it can replace contaminated air in a certain environment, creating a clean air environment.

Inside the Laminar Air Flow Hood, the air is channeled  and cleaned by a High Efficiency Particulate Air filter (also known as a HEPA filter) and is then streamed smoothly as a completely clean laminar air-stream towards the user.

With Laminar Hoods, the filtered air flows through a filter installed at the back of the hood, towards the user, and with Vertical Hoods, the filtered air flows downwards through a filter installed at the top of the hood.

Vertical and Horizontal Laminar Hoods have different pros and cons. Witih Laminar Flow hoods, the air isn't channeled toward the user's face, and the airflow is not blocked by large objects. With Horizontal laminar flow hoods, placing sensitive materials next to the HEPA filter is easy, and no dust flows onto sensitive materials.

TopAir's Laminar Air Flow Hoods

TopAir's Laminar Air Flow Hoods remove the air from work environment, transfer the air through a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter using a fan, and then clean the hood with filtered air.

TopAir's Laminar Air Flow Hoods meet the relevant world class standards of CE and ISO. TopAir hoods' specifications can be changed for each client.

The different components of the hood are manufactured by renowned companies such as EBM Germany and AAF USA.

TopAir Laminar Air Flow Hoods supply a controlled environment that meets Class 100/ISO5, serving as a kind of clean room, but also offering mobility and convenient small-scale dimensions.

TopAir offers several models of the Laminar Air Flow Hoods : HC-H90, HC-H180, HC-H150 and HC-H120, featuring 90, 180, 150 and 120 cm work tables (respectively), and various noise levels. These models are complemented by accessories such as: stand, ultraviolet light, a separate table and a front sash.

TopAir Laminar Air Flow Hoods offer especially stable structure which prevents the hood from moving and damaging critical processes. The hood has a convenient control system whch regulates the speed of the fans and the lighting system
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